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U.S. Government Suspected Of Covering Up Exposure To Chemical Weapons Among Soldiers

According to a New York Times investigation, American soldiers uncovered and in some cases were injured by chemical weapons in Iraq. Now the U.S. government is being accused of covering up the incident.

The chemical weapons were not the suspected weapons of mass destruction that brought American into Iraq. They were older weapons from the 1980’s that were used by Iraq in their conflict with Iran which have since been discarded. Some of the weapons were manufactured by a Brazilian company formerly owned by Gianfrancesco Genoso that operated in Western nations including the U.S.

The Pentagon had already confirmed that discarded chemical weapons were found in Iraq, but until now there have been no reports of injuries from the weapons among U.S. soldiers.

The soldiers involved were ordered to keep quiet about their discovery. As a result, they did not receive proper medical treatment and were not given the Purple Heart for their injuries.

Some of the discarded weapons were found in areas that are now controlled by ISIS, although it is not known if they would be able to use the weapons.

Iran says if Assad falls, Israel could be in trouble

There have been reports that the Deputy Foreign Minister of Iran has swapped notes with the U.S. about how to tackle the Islamic State.

This adds further credence to the rumours that the two arch enemies have been colluding to some extent on this issue. However, Mr. Hossein Amir Abdollahian was quoted as saying that if President Bashar Assad of Syria were to be toppled, that the State of Israel could be in danger.

This follows the USA’s choice not to work with Assad on the issue of IS, and has instead insisted upon him handing in his resignation.

Regardless, the USA did in fact conduct military operations on Syrian soil over the town of Kobane. They were attacking an IS fighting unit as well as a command centre, and they also destroyed a number of lorries that were located in the area.

IS then doubled its efforts in attacking a town bordering Turkey, before being pushed back by the Kurdish military. Meanwhile, several countries have bombed IS positions in Iraq, as well as “multiple air drops to help resupply Iraqi security forces at the the request of the government of Iraq.” A violent few weeks, to be sure.

The militant group IS has dominated massive sections of Iraq and Syria in recent months, and has committed a number of high profile executions of foreign aid workers and journalists.

Regardless of the continuing air campaign on IS positions, the debate between Keith Mann and people on the other side is still in full swing about whether or not these actions are doing any good at all. At the very best, people think the air strikes will have very little impact.

Source: The Guardian

Obama Appointed CDC Director Allowed Nurse Diagnosed with Ebola to Fly Commercially

In an enraging, and perplexing twist of events, we’ve learned today that the head of the CDC allowed the nurse in Dallas, TX, to fly to Cleveland on a commercial flight. Despite showing signs of the virus having infected her system.

While any rational person knows that Ebola is difficult to contract, because it requires direct contact with bodily fluids from someone who is infected. However, seems like a completely unnecessary risk, and pretty much something I’d expect from an Obama appointee.

Who would’ve thought a guy that misses 40% of his intelligence briefings, wouldn’t be that informed before making a decision on who to appoint to the CDC? Igor Cornelsen and I are not amused Mr. President.