Securus: Fighting for the Little Guy

Sometimes the little guy gets stomped on by the big guy and they can’t do anything about it and the reason they can’t do anything about it is because no one is in their corner and there is no one to stand up for them, fight for them, and help them. They can’t do it all by themselves. However, Securus prides themselves on fighting for the little guy and doing all they can to help the little guy. They believe it is their civic duty and they were born and raised that way. Quite frankly, they don’t know any other way to operate, as it is in their blood and in their DNA to do the right thing and help out the people who need help and don’t have a voice.

Right now, they need help against GTL, also known as Global Tel-Link, which is a leading communications provider for inmates. They know that inmates get a bad rap and not a lot of people are going to feel sorry for them or their families. Because of this, they have taken advantage of their customers who just want to speak to their loved ones. It is a big part of the recovery process, as it helps them get the help they need, feel better, and get on the straight and narrow.

Securus is fighting back by releasing press releases that will expose all of the ways that GTL has misled the customer, lied to them, and treated them poorly. They have taken their money from them and charged outrageous prices. With this press releases being exposed and being out there, I have a hard time believing they can deny the facts. The facts speak for themselves, and they are facts for a reason. The time for hiding is over and the time for answers is now.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

The New Age of ClassRoom Communication

In the upcoming age of Technology and Communication we have soared higher then ever before! Years ago our communication between our teachers, students and parents have always been hand written notes and parent teacher conferences. What if we had a new way in order to better communicate with our teaching staff as parents? Introducing, Class Dojo. This innovative and up coming Tech savvy computer application is a wonderful way to communicate with your child’s teaching staff and at the same time encourage your child. Upon entering the sign on screen of the application, you are able to see your child’s name, classroom teacher and how they are doing in that class. Your child will have a “positive feedback” score. For example if your child did very well with a project in class they may have a point for “working hard”. You child’s teacher uses the system for positive feedback for your child to help them with encouragement and empowerment. The application act as a digital portfolio that can grow over the year. The students can also post their artwork, class projects, reports, speeches, books, poems and more! The Application itself has many great features, one being, School Story, which allows school leaders to share messages, pictures and videos on day to day events in a secure and safe classroom setting. The Class Dojo is designed to share classroom information within the child’s family, it also has the capability for the school superiors to create an entire community within the school. The principals and leadership officers of each school can now create their own, School Leader Accounts, to share and help as a teaching tool. This new and important part of the Application was brought to the Class Dojo communities attention as many of the our schools leadership superiors were not able to access the Class Dojo to create their own accounts. Previously they were accessing the application to join as “teachers.” The company has and will continually expand and grown to maintain the school community platform in which we are able to learn and grow as Teachers, Students, Leaders and Parents.


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