Beneful Shows Off Their Natural Ingredients In Their Commercials

The first video I watched was for Beneful Break N Bites. The dog is narrating the commercial the entire time. He talks about how delicious the dog treats look and how he wants to get more than one. The chocolate brown Labrador then goes on to explain that if he really wants to get a ton of treats he has to do something extra cute. BenefulWalmart dog decides to let a toddler sleep on his stomach so that she can take a little rest. The owner then proceeds to reward him with an entire handful of treats.

The second commercial features a man and his dog. The owner keeps repeating the word Beneful and every time he does that the dog perks it head to the side. He says that he knows the dog is definitely thinking about Beneful dry dog food. The commercial cuts to ingredients falling from the sky, and the owner begins talking about how the dog food is made with real beef, various vegetables, and all natural ingredients. The dog is then featured eating the food that was just described. The scene then cuts to the dog enjoying life and running around his own yard and house to learn more: click here.

Talos Energy Operates New Well In Mexico

Significant changes are taking place in Mexico’s oil industry. The country is taking a series of steps that will enable foreign companies to once again become involved in Mexican energy markets. A recent decision saw Mexico grant a private company permission to drill an oil well in the water’s off its coast. Private companies haven’t been allowed to do this in almost 80 years. The new well, which work began on May 21, is a joint venture of Mexican company Sierra Oil & Gas, Premier Oil PLC which is based in London and Houston’s Talos Energy LLC.

Mexico’s oil and gas industry was nationalized in 1938. Since then Petroleos Mexicanos, a state-run company, has been the only company involved in oil exploration in Mexico. The new well, Zama-1, located off the coast of the Mexican state of Tabasco in the Sureste Basin is estimated to contain a crude oil deposit of between 100 million and 500 million barrels. The well will cost Premier $16 million to drill and take about 90 days to complete. In 2015, the companies won prospecting rights in the first bidding round since Mexico decided to allow private investment in its oil industry.

Talos is the well’s operator. Sierra has a 40% stake in the venture, Talos has 35% and Premier has 25%. Among this year’s most interesting exploration wells because of its high geological chance to be successful, the project will be closely monitored by the oil and gas industry. It holds vast implications for Mexico’s oil industry.

Talos Energy LLC is a Houston, Texas based oil and gas company. Founded in 2012, Tim Duncan is president and CEO. The company’s focus is exploration, development and optimization of oil and gas assets using cutting-edge seismic technologies and innovative techniques. The management team has many decades of experience doing offshore shelf and deepwater asset acquisition, exploration, production and management.

A rapidly-growing, independent, world-class company, Talos Energy is known for its commitment to environmentally compliant, safe operations. Plus it uses new, better, more innovative operational techniques to build on its strong foundation and gain a competitive edge.

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Sawyer Howitt: A Young Star In The Making

Among the U.S companies that have shown commitment to their mission, vision, clients and employees is the Meriwether Group. The company was began with the sole purpose of offering their clients counsel and a variety of products and services that are deemed useful to their success. With only a team of twelve competent members, the Meriwether Group has shown time and again their commitment to their clients.

One of the newest members of the team is a young talented and ambitious Sawyer Howitt. At one seventeen years, the young Sawyer has proven his desire and commitment to his father’s company. He joined the company in 2015, at fifteen years as a business strategy analyst. At that young age, and a high school student, he showed great skills and developed the RFID checkout solution that impressed not only the executive leaders but also was well received by the clients.

His hard work, problem solving skills and integrity earned him a promotion as the youngest project manager in the company. In his position, Sawyer leads his team to developing technology that is used in retail that makes sure that the clients are satisfied and happy. Together with his team at Meriwether, the company ensures that they provide brand building services to their clients, and provide exit strategies for both start-up companies and those that are thriving.

In addition to being an excellent project manager, Sawyer Howitt is an incredible racquetball player. He is one of the contested racquetball players at Racquetball Club in Portland. He has been a great team player and has shown dedication and discipline, some of the attributes that he beliefs every player deserves to have. Sawyer uses these values not only in the field but also in business.

Sawyer Howitt is a second semester student. Before joining his father’s company as a strategist, he worked as an intern for various firms. By brushing shoulders every day with business people, he has been able to develop a command for various business skills and he continues to pursue his education and at the same time juggle between work and racquetball.

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A Review Of Greg Secker’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Greg Secker is an accomplished entrepreneur, master trader, international speaker and philanthropist. He is the founder of the Greg Secker Foundation, a non-profit organization that works to improve people’s lives through education, youth leadership initiatives and life skills. After venturing into independent trading, Greg Secker realized that he could help other people to achieve their goals by giving them the required resources and tools. He wanted people to have the same choices as his. This resulted in the establishment of the Greg Secker Foundation, UK’s first business of trade coaching. He takes time to think over ideas and how to make them work. Greg has achieved much success as an entrepreneur by not fearing to fail. Once he has a business idea, he thinks through it before putting it to test. Greg believes that one cannot succeed when he or she is ruled by fear. Greg loves reading books, especially autobiographies of people who are not known for their fame and wealth but strength and character.

Greg Secker is known for his expertise in foreign exchange. He is highly regarded for offering training on financial trading. Secker has published various books, including Trading Your Way to Success and Financial Freedom Through Forex. He has also shared his insights in The Book of Success: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Success. Greg is known for his forex trading systems, including Learn to Trade, the largest trade coaching company in the world, Smart Charts, a company that offers the most effective Forex trading systems, and Capital Index, an award winning STP Forex brokerage

Greg Secker is also the founder of Global Success Summit, an international gathering that attracts world’s accomplished speakers. He started his career as a trading technologist by working for Thomas Cook Financial Services in the mid-1990s. Greg was in charge of developing foreign exchange systems. In 1998, Secker received the British Telecom Award for innovation in e-commerce after establishing an online forex trading platform, Virtual Trading Desk. He became the vice president of Mellon Financial Corporation at the age of 25. After leaving the company, Secker founded Knowledge to Action Group, which hosted financial trading seminars. He has also delivered key note speeches on various platforms such as including the National Archives Congress. The National CSR has recognized Secker for his individual corporate leadership.


Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta is Using Technology to Deliver Innovative Solutions in Neurology

Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta is a neurologist and psychiatrist based in Voorhees, New Jersey. He is at the forefront of finding new therapy techniques for people suffering from neuromuscular disorders. According to the National Institutes of Health, stem-cell transplants are achieving great success in fighting the progression of symptoms or relapse of multiple sclerosis.


This single-step treatment option has been proven to be more efficient with higher success rates than traditional drugs. It is quick, non-invasive and offers an innovative therapy option to combat multiple sclerosis and other neurodegenerative disorders.


Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta completed his residency at Boston City Hospital and is attached to Kennedy University Hospital based in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. As a certified neurologist, he is an expert on conditions of the brain and the nervous system. He has extensive experience treating related neuromuscular disorders such as stroke, seizures, sleep disorders and dementia and many others. He is certified by The American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.


To test for disorders of the nervous system, diagnostic tests such as a CAT, MRI, EMG or EEG can be used. These evaluate mental balance, injury to the nerves in the head and neck region, response to stimuli and memory. EMG tests are used to diagnose patients reporting muscle and nerve symptoms such as pain in the limbs, numbness or muscle weakness among others. The test is done to diagnose patients with diabetes and ALS among other neuromuscular conditions.


Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta also uses quantitative EEG tests to check for brain disorders such as epilepsy. The test maps the electrical activity in the brain to detect abnormalities that may point to neurological disorders. It is important to differentiate between a neurologist like Dr. Shiva Gopal Vasishta and a neurosurgeon. Neurologists focus on the non-surgical treatment options while neurosurgeons may perform required surgery as a treatment technique.

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Want to be a Star? Contact Nine9

Nine9 is the newest way for stars to be discovered. It is not a talent agency, it is an un-agency. What does that mean? Well they will help talent get work without being signed to an agency contract. They act like an agency by helping talent from start to finish. They help with the initial photo shoot. They provide a stylist to do hair and make up. They advise clients to bring clothes that you like that are form fitting and age appropriate. In addition, clients should bring at least two additional outfits more than will be needed. Avoid wearing all black or all white. Children are advised to wear colorful clothes. Kids may also bring costumes and uniforms. Women should bring accessories such as scarfs, jewelry, and shoes. High heels are a must.

Undergarments are also important. Women should bring click here nude or strapless bras. Men should bring belts, ties, dress socks, briefs, and boxers.

There are professionals available to teach the essentials of being part of a camera shoot. Nine9 Talent Agency clients are taught things like keeping continuity and framing. Clients are advised to expect that the photo shoot will take approximately 1 hour per look.

Important things to remember prior to the photo shoot are DO NOT get a tan or facial. This may cause skin sensitivity. DO however, have brows groomed and unwanted facial or body hair removed if you are a female. Males are advised NOT to shave their armpits or chest. Men should wear their facial hair as normal to the shoot, however bring a razor if necessary to change their look.

Women should have their hair in manageable condition. The stylist will put curls in their hair with a curling iron, but will not do extensive texture changes that are done at a professional hair salon.

It is important to get a good nights rest before the photo shoot and to drink plenty of water and use moisturizer.

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How Equities First- AU Is Positively Impacting The Loan Market

Equities First- AU is not a lender that should be considered as being ordinary. They’re offering businesses and high net-worth individuals opportunities of obtaining loans with some of the lowest interest rates that are available in today’s lending markets. If you’re not sure about how you may be able to go about acquiring some of the types of loans that they’re currently offering, it’s recommended for you to read through some of the details that are posted on their website. It’s also recommended for you to speak with a loan specialist should you have any questions pertaining to loans after reading through the details that are on its website.

Equities First- AU is non-judgmental in providing non-purpose loans to high net-worth individuals. They consist of utilizing the high net-worth individual’s securities as a form of collateral, after which point they are free to spend the capital on just about anything that they had wanted to. Please note that there are many different terms pertaining to a non-purpose loan, thus, encouraging prospective borrowers to read through fine prints of any contracts that they may go about signing. Loan agents are always willing to assist, guide, and explain should you be confused about anything pertaining to the loans.

Business owners are finding that Equities First- AU is a lending organization that is greatly benefiting them in many ways. They’re capable of utilizing loans for a myriad of different things, some of which include improving/maintaining the conditions of their businesses’ buildings, equipment, tools, machinery, and anything else that may be used as a part of their everyday operations. Please do not hesitate to ask about how you may be able to go about paying off your loan on a customized click here schedule, as that may be an option that is available to you. Equities First- AU is very flexible with their loans.

The Importance Of Effort With Whitney Wolfe’s Dating App

There are tons of people that are successful in dating while there are people who are struggling. This often leads people to wonder what the issue. Often times, people blame it on looks. However, there are plenty of other factors that could determine whether or not one is going to be able to get dates.

However, when it comes to online dating, it is important for people to show effort in what they are doing. Whitney Wolfe herself recommends that people put effort in themselves before trying to date someone. This is one of the reasons that she put a lot of effort into Bumble.


While it is not necessary for people to have celebrity level good looks in order to get a date, Whitney Wolfe does recommend that people put their best foot forward when it comes to romance. After all, women want people who are taking care of themselves. People who put effort into themselves are going to have the best success in their dating life. This is not to say that they should always be overdone. One of the best things to do is look clean, somewhat unique, yet down to earth. This is often one of the ways to gain the most matches.

Whitney Wolfe understands what it takes to get the date. She also knows what it takes to find the romance that one is looking for. When people put enough effort into themselves, then they are going to be able to attract people in various areas of their lives. Even after they get the date and even land the relationship, they have to keep putting in effort so that they can improve. Otherwise their partner may lose interest in them. One of the best things for people is to show others that they
are healthy.

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OSI Group President David G. McDonald

OSI Group acquired Baho Food in 2016. This was expected by many since the company was positioning itself for expansion into European markets. The Dutch company, Baho Food, was able to meet the requirements OSI sought. Baho Food is a meat and snacks producer.

McDonald’s Opinion after Baho Food Acquisition

McDonald was ecstatic about the deal saying it allowed OSI to access the European market as it had planned to in its strategic plans. McDonald said that Baho Food’s product portfolio complemented that of OSI and broadened OSI’s capabilities to serve customers changing needs.

David McDonald was positive that the acquisition of Baho Food was win-win for all parties involved. The Baho director agreed with McDonald that the strengths of the two companies combined would be able to provide customers with more products and variety. Commenting on the quality of the foods at Baho, MacDonald was pleased to note that foods were exemplary and that they would complement the OSI brand.

McDonald said that the choice to acquire Baho Food was informed by the company’s good services and products. The company was among a list of many others that OSI was considering. McDonalds while happy to have acquired Baho Food was hopeful that in coming months the new acquisition would be availed to consumers.

David G. McDonald

David McDonald OSI Group is the current President and COO at the ‘OSI Group LLC’ He has worked in a different capacity in the firm: project manager, OSI industries. Mr. McDonalds is also chairman of ‘North American Meat Institute’. After his company’s operations in Europe and Brazil were acquired by ‘Marfrig Frigorificos e Comercio d Alimentos’ he served as ‘Marfrig Global Fods S.A’s’ independent director. McDonald is also on the board of directors at OSI. He is the ‘OSI International Foods Pty Limited’ Director in Australia. David G. McDonald has a degree from ‘Iowa State University’ in Animal Science.

All You Need to Know About Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen is a lawyer who and founder of the Human Rights Foundation. His parents have different nationalities, but he is mostly based in the United States. Thor speaks several languages: Spanish, Portuguese, French and English. He also understands Norwegian. He was born in a small town in Venezuela.

As the leader of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen and his family have had their share of challenges. He has faced a lot of opposition from many governments in the world. At one time, his father was forced to stay in jail. In 1993, his father published an article in Wall Street Journal, saying that his job had made him get to the controversial evidence about money laundering in a bank in Venezuela. This information was not taken lightly by the United States authorities.

After the information was published, Thor’s father was arrested and seriously beaten in jail. After spending some time in jail, he was released, but he wrote another column in the magazine, explaining how he was physically and psychologically tortured by the US authorities. He was arrested later and taken to the Venezuela jail as a political prisoner. This affected the relationship between the lawyer and his home country. Read the full article .

Thor’s mother was not left behind by the authorities in Venezuela. She was shot by the authorities during a referendum. The people who shot her while in the crowd were arrested, but they were never charged in court. They were freed after a short time.

Although he is a citizen of Venezuela, the lawyer has not stepped in his country for the last five years. Thor believes that he goes there, he will be arrested. Although he is a public figure, the lawyer has maintained a private-public life, and he never discloses information about his sexuality or his relationships. He has been threatened several times, so he avoids disclosing where he lives. He is currently based in the United States, but he travels constantly to different parts of the world. No one knows his hobbies too. Halvorssen at Facebook.

The Human Rights Foundation has accomplished a lot under the leadership of Thor Halvorssen. The foundation has helped many people in the world get justice. for more.