Thor Halvorssen: Pakistan Should Punish Rapists

Thor Halvorssen is a well-known film producer and human rights activist who is currently based in New York City. Many people know him as a champion who fights for the rights of the less powerful individuals in the world. Halvorssen became an activist in the year 1989. His first activity was organizing an event to oppose the harsh apartheid system that was taking place in South Africa.

Thor and his family have endured a lot of problems in the past, and this is one of the reasons he became a human rights activist. His father spent a lot of time in a Venezuelan Jail, and this motivated him to become a full-time activist. The successful lawyer is the president and founder of the famous Human Rights Foundation, an organization that is also based in the United States. Thor started the influential group after his mother was shot during a peaceful protest. The organization has done very well under his leadership, liberating many people in the world and promoting human rights democracy. Watch Video .

Just recently, Thor and his team liberated a woman in Pakistan. According to the lawyer, Mukhtar Mai was raped several years ago by a group of men. The act had shocked many people around the globe, and this is why the activists decided to take action. The rape was not considered to be an offense by the laws practiced in the country. The action is authorized by the village councils operating in the country. The lawyer says that rape in Pakistan is the punishment given to girls and women. When these group of people dishonors their families or communities, this is always the standard penalty. Visit

Mukhtar Mai, the woman who was raped, decided to speak up and refuse this strict culture in Pakistan. The delicate and soft-spoken woman did not commit suicide like most of the rape victims in Pakistan. She chose to change the tradition in the community by starting a campaign that discouraged the horrific and strange crime carried out by the men in Pakistan. Thor Halvorssen and his team of activists decided to help Mukhtar and other women in the country by pressuring the Pakistan government to punish the men involved in the rape cases.

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Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina’s New Article on MarTech Advisors

Bob Reina, the chief executive officer of Talk Fusion, returned as guest author at MarTech Advisor. This time, his article was titled ‘Video Advertising Trends of 2017.’ The article focuses on the emerging video styles and techniques used in 2016 and their roles in shaping this years’ marketing sector. According to Forbes, Bob’s brilliant piece is among the top 10 publications read and shared by chief marketing officers who do their marketing via social media. Mr. Reina said that he was glad to share his vision with MarTech Advisor readers and would explain why it was time people chose video as the central part of their marketing strategy.


Bob was the man behind Talk Fusion’s award-winning piece Video Marketing Solution. He offers product ideas to the company’s IT professionals after looking at market analysis, consumer trends and the growing popularity of video marketing. In the article, he advises that video is an advertiser’s most valuable asset. Mr. Reina says that MarTech’s audience, mainly composed of sales and marketing professionals should look at video as more than just a beneficial medium.


Bob first came up with the idea of Video Email in 2004. He had seen the potential it had earlier than many people and just as he expected, videos have played a large part in enabling companies to make more sales in the past few years. Bob’s new article will be sent to MarTech Advisor’s 1.1 million subscribers and many other readers all over the world. Reina is also a regular contributor to the Huffington Post.

Talk Fusion is the world’s top all-in-one video marketing solution whose purpose is to help businesses beat competitors, increase their sales and retain their customers. The company offers various ingenious methods of using video to make marketing memorable, captivating and persuasive. Talk Fusion has associates in more than 140 countries who market their products person-to-person. Bob, Reina, the founder, and chief executive officer, established the company in 2007. Talk Fusion came up with the world’s first ever Pay Compensation Plan. The company upholds ethical practices and is a member of Direct Selling Association (DSA). The company is dedicated to giving back to the community and offers support to many charitable organizations.

EOS Lip Balm’s Top Flavors

EOS Lip Balm is known for their wide range of different products that they have available. Their products are amazingly smooth on the lips with natural ingredients. It provides everything you need to maintain a clean and smooth set of lips, alongside creating the best look possible. EOS Lip Balm ( is the right company that can provide you with everything you need to have luscious and lively lips. Here’s a quick look at all the different things this company has offered and the best flavors they have to offer.

EOS Lip Balm’s Top Flavors

Their Coconut Oil Lip Balm is beloved by most people because of the smooth gentle nature of the coconut smell and out pour. It gives the lips just what it needs to stay hydrated and clean, alongside how to avoid getting dry or even getting overly moisturized.

Vanilla Mint is another big favorite because it has a genuine scent that arouses the lips efficiently. Vanilla Mint has a nourishing taste that can help guide what your lips. This is by far one of the best flavors because it’s not too strong and the taste isn’t too annoying.

Most people don’t even know who EOS is, but the scary thing is that it’s everywhere. All drug stores provide it, and even big name locations like Target have it in every location. The reason behind this is the fact that they are a growing name that is now available in all major stores such as Lucky Vitamin, Walmart and Walgreens. It is the best lip balm company in the nation right now because of their quality and top notch flavors available. They have different styles of lip balm as well. They stand out against other small name brands because this company sells affordable lip balm while providing only the most reliable quality products on the market right now.

Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Personalized Approach to Cosmetic Surgery

When Harper’s Bazaar magazine calls a cosmetic surgeon one of the in the nation, people will travel great distances to have their cosmetic surgery done at that physician’s facility. Dr. Jennifer Walden is frequently called upon by medical societies to serve as a media spokesperson whenever a quote, professional opinion or comment is needed. People seeking a highly skilled cosmetic surgeon might also have seen Dr. Walden on NBC’s The Today Show or E! TV’s Dr. 90210, or read her commentary, which appeared in Cosmopolitan, New York Magazine and numerous other publications.


Publicity alone does not guarantee surgical excellence, however, Dr. Jennifer Walden has impressive qualifications and a number of rave reviews from patients, which are extremely important. Dr. Walden is board certified and a member of the most prestigious society of plastic surgeons in the United States, as well as being a plastic surgery fellow. Adter attending medical school in Texas, Dr. Walden went to NYC for a fellowship, after which she stayed on and established a successful practice before returning to Texas.


Using the latest in advanced skin tightening at her office, Dr. Walden offers the Venus Legacy and ThermiAesthetics treatments, in addition to Botox, Restylane Silk and other skin fillers. Dr. Walden performs breast augmentation, vaginal tightening, tummy tucks, and a variety of other procedures at her elegantly appointed office with its own on-site operating room for the privacy and convenience of her patients. While Dr. Walden offers her services to men, she is known for presenting a unique, feminine perspective that helps her patients make well-informed choices.

The Role that Smartphone will be Playing in the World of Retail

If you compare the manner in which the retail sector was being handled ten years ago and the manner in which it is being done today, you will see a lot of difference. Nowadays, to make a purchase of something like clothes, there is the online alternative to ordering the item online and getting it wherever you are without movement or any effort on your part. This according to José Henrique Borghi, is the trend that will eventually transform the world of business forever.

Jose Borghi is one of the most influential people in the world of digital marketing. He is a co-founder and the CEO of Mullen Lowe, an advertising agency which has its base in Brazil. He is a strong believer that when an entrepreneur wants to make money out of their venture, they need to think about incorporating technology in their sales. The examples that he refers to when making his point include Air BnB, the hotel business that makes millions in a year, but does not own any hotels, or Uber, the transportation business that does not own any vehicles.

He says that the new phase of consumerism has customers looking for the shopping experience that will cost them the least and at the same time, give them the goods that they need with the most convenience. The fact that one can arrange their accommodation before they leave their home and with as little difficulty as possible is what makes customers tick. The current statistics already indicate that close to 30 percent of the buying that is taking place, especially clothes and other fashion related items happens online and through the Smartphone. It is, therefore, easy to predict that as more people continue buying the gadgets, the sector will grow even stronger. In short, any success that will happen to business will be tied to this technology advances.

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Fabletics Uses Amazon’s Selling Tactics

Fabletics is using the selling techniques that were created for Amazon, and they are planning to use the reverse showroom technique that makes customers familiar with their products. Someone who walks into the Fabletics store will find their Fabletics account is usable in the store, and this article explains how the reverse showroom technique works. There are many shoppers who will come to the store for the first time to find new Fabletics clothes, and they will enjoy seeing clothes they already know.


#1: The Clothes Are Common Among The Site And Store


The clothes in the store and site are the same, and they are easy to choose once customers have been on the website. The website carries a full catalog of clothes, and it ensures every customer may order many different items in their subscription. The customer will come to the store to see the items they have found online, and they will feel a familiarity that cannot be felt in other places.


#2: The Clothes Are Fitted To All Women


There are many sizes in the line that are fitted to all women, and there are many different ways for someone to fit their clothing in the simplest manner. They may try the same size across the store, and they will enjoy wearing the clothes knowing that they will fit every time. The clothes are consistent, and the company will give women a fitting room experience in the store that is helpful for their psyche. Women will feel better about their bodies, and they will have the confidence that they may purchase the same size on the website at any time.


#3: How Large Is The Retail Brand?


Fabletics is opening 100 stores in America that will have many different items that come from the website, and the clothes will match each other when a woman needs to but new pieces. The lady who is searching for a new article of clothing will find it in the store, and they will learn how to pick out the clothes that make them feel the best. It is simple for a lady to dress her best when she is going to the gym or the store, and she will be in casual clothes that flatter her in all ways.


#4: Why Does The Brand Reach Women?


The brand will reach women, and it will help them understand that Kate Hudson is a working woman just like them. She is in their commercials to show women that she wears their clothes, and there are many different women who will be inspired by the way the commercials look. The finest of all gym clothes will ensure women look good at all times, and Kate Hudson shows women that anyone will look good in her clothing line.


The clothing line from Fabletics is the simplest way for women to look their best, and women may purchase online or in the store. The new stores will ensure account access to the customer on every trip.

Scott Rocklage – Successful in Many Ways

Scott M. Rocklage Ph.D. is a partner at 5AM ventures-a seed fund that is focused on creating and developing biotechnology companies. He joined 5AM in the year 2003 where he became one of the managing partners. He was a former Exucutive Chairman at Ilypsa which is acquired and owned by Amgen and Miikana acquired and owned by EntreMed. He has worked in the healthcare management for over 20 years. His good and responsible leaderships skills have been successful enough that it has led to the approval of 3 subsequent US FDA Drug Applications: Cubicin, Teslascan, and Omnician.


He has also enabled six drug candidates to enter in to the clinical trials. Dr Scott has held several positions both R&D at Catalytica and Salutar. He has also served as the CEO and the chairman of Cubist Pharmaceuticals, CEO and president of Nycomed Salutar, Chairman CEO and president of Nycomed Interventional. All this positions have also contributed to his growth and boosted his experience.


Currently, Dr Scott Rocklage works as chairman in the board of Achaogen, Semprus, and Relypsa. He is also a member in the board of Wavers RX, Variation and Pulmatrix. Dr Scott is also an associate board member of Whitehead Institute.


He has B.S in chemistry which he received from the University of California, in Berkeley. He also acquired a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the Massachusetts institute of technology where he led the research in Richard R. Schlock’s laboratory that won a Nobel price. Currently Dr Rocklage is located in Waltham at MA office.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel – The Master of Sleep

Avi Weisfogel is a leading figure in the field of sleep apnea research. Primarily a dentist, he began his dental practice in the year 1999. His interest in sleep disorders made him delve into the subject of sleep apnea, with the hope of increasing awareness on the issue as well to work towards proper diagnosis and effective treatment of the problem.


Around 90 percent of those suffering from sleep apnea don’t realize they have this problem. Research have found a link between sleep apnea and disease such as diabetes, as well as stroke and heart ailments, and therefore such unawareness can have serious consequences for those who suffer from it. As many of them suffering from this problem remain unaware of the condition, Dr Avi Weisfogel has been active for a number of years now to reverse this trend, in order to help in its proper diagnosis and treatment.


Dr Avi Weisfogel, by using his extensive research on the subject, has helped many physicians detect sleep apnea in patients, as well as helped in providing necessary solutions and care for such patients. His current treatment model also consists of oral devices that have been so designed for treating sleep apnea and is part of a recommended treatment procedure when required.


In 2010, he founded Healthy Heart Sleep, a company that helped physicians around the globe establish and run sleep labs. Again, in 2012 he founded Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient. Then he went on to establish Dental Sleep Masters in the year 2014, with the aim of expanding his work in order to be of aid to more and more physicians and dentists, as well as patients who are in need of his model for their undiagnosed conditions and its appropriate solutions.



Maggie Gill and Her Loyalty to Memorial Health

In the medical, it can be rare to find an executive that is geniune, loyal, and caring from the heart like Maggie Gill. Even though Maggie Gill is not a medical professional, she runs Memorial University Medical Center like she treats the patients herself. Her caring demeanor makes her an asset to the hospital and her determination is what makes the hospital a financial success. Maggie Gill leads her staff with grace and tenacity. She a trusted resource, if her staff needs anything. Under her leadership, Memorial University Medical Center has received numerous awards for the way they care and treat their patients.

Maggie Gill became the President and Chief Executive Officer of Memorial Health in 2011. Memorial Health is located in Savannah, Georgia. Prior to being the Chief Executive Officer and President, Maggie Gill was the Vice President of Managed Care and Finance Memorial Health and the Chief Operating Officer of Memorial Health. Before she worked at Memorial Health, she was the Chief Financial Officer at Tenet South Florida Health. While at Tenet South Florida Health, she received the Tenet Outstanding Chief Financial Officer award. Maggie Gill graduated with honors from South Florida University with her Bachelor’s and received her Master’s from St. Leo University.

Recently, under Maggie Gill’s leadership, Memorial University Medical Center won several awards at the 16th Annual Health Care Heroes Awards. They won seven awards. The Georgia Medical Society hosts the awards every year.

Becker’s Hospital Review honored Maggie Gill by naming her one of the 135 Nonprofit Hospital and Health System CEOs to know. She is among a talented group of executives who lead with great experience and a caring attitude that exudes in and out of the workplace. Everyone at Memorial Health are aware of the hard work of Maggie Gill. They appreciate her dedication and her loyalty to the hospital and the patients.


A Look At Stephen Rotella’s Career And Education

The Educational Background Of Stephen Rotella


Stephen Rotella is a graduate of both SUNY Stony Brook and SUNY Albany. He attended SUNY Stony Brook in Long Island, New York for his undergraduate studies. His major there was a bachelor’s degree in economics. The undergraduate program in economics was completed from 1971-1975.


For his master’s degree, Stephen Rotella attended SUNY Albany in Albany, New York. His graduate program of study was a master’s of business administration with a concentration in information technology and finance. He obtained his MBA during the period of 1976-1978.


The Career Of Stephen Rotella


Stephen Rotella began his career at information technology and outsourcing company, Accenture in 1978. He worked for Accenture for two years as a senior consultant for the firm before leaving in 1980. His next job was with the Reserve Group in New York City. He worked as senior vice president of product development at the company. Mr. Rotella spent four years at the company and left in 1984.


Next, Stephen worked for financial company, Shearson Lehman Inc. in New York. He served as vice president of the company for three years and would leave the firm in 1987. Stephen Rotella then joined, world famous investment bank, J.P. Morgan Chase. He worked in J.P Morgan Chase’s home finance department. This was the division that was responsible for providing home loans also known as mortgages. Philip Rotella would spent 18 years working with J.P. Morgan Chase and was the CEO of its home finance department. He would leave this job in 2005.


After Chase, Stephen Rotella joined Seattle based banking company, Washington Mutual. He would serve as both president and chief operating officer there. Mr. Rotella left Washington Mutual in 2008.


Stephen Rotella would make a comeback to the financial world in 2011. He joined Stonecastle Cash Management and became its CEO. Mr. Rotella would oversee lending and funding to community banks as well as investors in that post. In 2014, Stephen Rotella became the president of Stonecastle Partners LLC. Based in New York City, this group is the owner of Stonecastle Cash Management and has over $11 billion dollars in assets.