Alexandre Gama Is A Synonym For Success In Brazil

Alexandre Gama is one of the most successful executives in all of Brazil. His marketing methods have never been used before in Latin America, attendees giving him a clear edge in the otherwise non-creative market. About Magazine had rated him as one of the most important business leaders in Latin America.

Since his marketing methods are so unique, he has received international praise for his advertising projects. As works of art, they were recognized over 23 times at the Cannes Festival and attended other festivals in Europe, a prestige that no other Latin American executive has ever before experienced.

As a leading advertising executive, Alexandre Gama was invited to be a part of the Publicis Groupe. As an executive member of the Global Creative Board, he has given them a unique insight into the Brazilian market. Only the top marketing executive in the world are invited to this group. There are no other Latin Americans serving on this committee.


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