Lake Tahoe Skiing in Squaw Valley

Since hosting the Winter Olympics in 1960, Lake Tahoe’s Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows has remained the best and most respected ski resort in the world. This beautiful setting affords perfect areas for any level of skier and snowboarders, to those who are just learning to the most advanced in the pastimes. Lake Tahoe Resort is very easy to find. It is comfortably and conveniently located right between Truckee and Tahoe with convenient shuttle access to a wide range of other nearby areas. The staff at the resort are trained to make guests as comfortable as possible while they enjoy their stay in refined yet rugged Chalet-style lodges.

The resort area is huge with tons of space to have outdoor fun. Guests will find over the 2,400 acre area over 100 trails, countless chairlifts, and even more countless prime skiing and snowboarding slopes. The 2015-2016 ski season was a very good one. But Winter skiing is not the only time things are going here. Squaw Valley has a wide range of popular events the whole year around. But its Winter ski season does remain its most popular time and primary concentration. The coming 2016-2017 ski season promises to be a good one at Squaw Valley.

Although Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows were for many years separate resorts, but there has long been a connection and cooperation between the two. However, although they have long worked in connection with each other, the two close together resorts remained separate entities until 2011 when the owners of Squaw Valley bought Alpine Meadows and made turned them into one resort. The combined Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows are also a giving organization. It often holds fundraising races and uses the funds to support Winter sports athletes and coaches.

Anyone can enter these races and anyone can purchase a ticket to watch them. There are also hoodies and other types of race-themed clothing available for purchase. But although Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows are now one entity, you still have to drive a little bit to go in each resort separately. Moves are now being made to change that and in the near future the two will be joined into one whole.