A Look At Stephen Rotella’s Career And Education

The Educational Background Of Stephen Rotella


Stephen Rotella is a graduate of both SUNY Stony Brook and SUNY Albany. He attended SUNY Stony Brook in Long Island, New York for his undergraduate studies. His major there was a bachelor’s degree in economics. The undergraduate program in economics was completed from 1971-1975.


For his master’s degree, Stephen Rotella attended SUNY Albany in Albany, New York. His graduate program of study was a master’s of business administration with a concentration in information technology and finance. He obtained his MBA during the period of 1976-1978.


The Career Of Stephen Rotella


Stephen Rotella began his career at information technology and outsourcing company, Accenture in 1978. He worked for Accenture for two years as a senior consultant for the firm before leaving in 1980. His next job was with the Reserve Group in New York City. He worked as senior vice president of product development at the company. Mr. Rotella spent four years at the company and left in 1984.


Next, Stephen worked for financial company, Shearson Lehman Inc. in New York. He served as vice president of the company for three years and would leave the firm in 1987. Stephen Rotella then joined, world famous investment bank, J.P. Morgan Chase. He worked in J.P Morgan Chase’s home finance department. This was the division that was responsible for providing home loans also known as mortgages. Philip Rotella would spent 18 years working with J.P. Morgan Chase and was the CEO of its home finance department. He would leave this job in 2005.


After Chase, Stephen Rotella joined Seattle based banking company, Washington Mutual. He would serve as both president and chief operating officer there. Mr. Rotella left Washington Mutual in 2008.


Stephen Rotella would make a comeback to the financial world in 2011. He joined Stonecastle Cash Management and became its CEO. Mr. Rotella would oversee lending and funding to community banks as well as investors in that post. In 2014, Stephen Rotella became the president of Stonecastle Partners LLC. Based in New York City, this group is the owner of Stonecastle Cash Management and has over $11 billion dollars in assets.