James Dondero Spreads His Financial Wings From A Dallas Base

The rise of Highland Capital Management to become one of the leading financial investment companies in the U.S. is a success story the entire cit of Dallas-Fort Worth can be proud of. James Dondero is the man many see as being responsible for the meteoric rise of the company and the role it has played in the community of the city as its level of success has risen; Dondero’s Highland Capital Management has not only grown to have more than $19 billion in managed assets in 2017, but is also growing to become one of the most important providers of community resources in Texas.


James Dondero arrived in Dallas with his own Highland Capital Management company after proving himself to be one of the leading stars of the financial industry in a career that began in 1984. A graduate of The University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce, James Dondero has brought financial success and a major level of profit to a range of companies from the giant American Express organization to his own company that he established as a startup with limited funding.


Now seen as one of the elder statesmen of the financial industry, James Dondero has embarked on a career that has seen him headhunted for executive positions with a number of globally recognized brands. As a director the financial skills and entrepreneurial knowledge of Dondero has seen him become an executive at MGM Studios where he has worked to ensure profitability is a key part of the entertainment company.


Even as his success has taken him to various parts of the world to lend his business knowledge to different companies, James Dondero is always aware of the impact his personal success can have on the city of Dallas and its surrounding areas. Dondero has become a major supporter of a number of impressive institutions across the city of Dallas, including his backing of the Dallas Zoo that takes building new animal enclosures and funding the construction of event spaces that will aid the financial health of the zoo in the future.