How OSI Group Changed The World

Changing The Fast Food Business

The fast food industry simply wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the like of companies like OSI Group. This company is behind the meat you find at many of the most popular fast food restaurants around. Created in 1909, it has since expanded into something much greater than its humble beginnings in Aurora, Illinois. Today, it serves fast food chains around the world in need of fresh meat. The business OSI operates is so large it is now worth billions.

Giving The World Its Meat

The fast food industry needs afresh supply of meat in order to run. Nothing does that better than OSI. They pioneered the modern preservation techniques used to allow companies to transport meat across great distances. To make it possible to serve countries beyond America they acquired companies around the world that would allow them to serve these other countries. This is how OSI turned into OSI Group as we know them today. They have maintained their position by doing everything they can to help their employees work better and to give their employees all the opportunities they want.

Putting Workers First

The thing that separates OSI Group from other brands is that they always put their worker’s safety first. There is simply no place for neglect of the people who have made all of this success possible in their business model. Thanks to that attitude they have received awards for their diligence and they are now seen as an example of what every successful company should do. The meat processing industry serves an important role that few people can truly understand. Every time you go to get a bite to eat at a fast food restaurant, there is a good chance that the meat you have receive comes from them.

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