Increased Capital Goes To This Dallas Commercial Bank

Nexbank recently announced that it has raised a significant amount of money, which will allow it to continue to expand its business in the future. The total amount of money raised is 155 million dollars. This includes a supplemental eighty million dollars that represents a significant boost to this bank’s capital base. The loans are carried at a five and a half fixed interest rate with Nexbank having the loans secured for five years. These loans will be used to repay debts as wells as collateral for securing loans. Nexbank as total assets exceeding 4.5 billion dollars with its total deposits at 3.2 billion dollars. These figures represent a growth rate of seventy-one percent since 2015, which have allowed Nexbank to become one of the largest and most profitable banks in the Texas area.

Nexbank is a regional bank with its head offices located in Dallas. This bank offers a number of lending options with focusing on mortgages, commercial banking, as wells as services to institutions. Nexbank also offers personal banking services.

Nexbank is a rapidly growing bank, which allows it to make competitive commercial loans. Nexbank specializes in making warehouse mortgage loans, wholesale lending, correspondent services, and treasury management. The ability to offer services that can allow a company to better manage its money while raising capital means that Nexbank is a one stop shop for most businesses. With the addition of investment banking, Nexbank can even assist companies that specialize in financial services.