Avi Weisfogel, the Founder of Dental Sleep Masters, Dedicates his Time to Learn More About Sleep Apnea.

When he started his career as a dentist, little did he know that he would be a leader in the fight against sleep apnea. Dr. Avi Weisfogel graduated from the New York University with a DDS and worked as a dentist for the best part of his life.

His passion and extensive research in the sleep disorder led him to pause his profession and focus on something else. He understood that sleep apnea had a close relation to serious diseases like diabetes. He embarked on a journey to try and find a solution to this problem. He was motivated by the fact that many physicians were beginning to associate the development of conditions like the cardiovascular disease to the sleep disorder. His primary focus was to help patients who were battling this silent killer.

He understood that professional collaboration was the key to successfully fighting sleep apnea. In 2010 he contributed to establish Healthy Heart Sleep, a company that brought together physicians from across the world and help them create and manage sleep labs. These sleep labs were seen as useful tools for studying and understanding patients with the sleep disorder condition.

He also opened the Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient, which was a platform that was used to lecture dentists and physicians on how they can handle their patients. The platform also contained information that highlighted key symptoms for sleep apnea. He also opened Dental Sleep Masters to share information and recent findings that could help physicians understand their patients.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel believes that the sleep disorder condition can be handled only through collaboration and through technological innovation.

Avi Weisfogel attended the Rutgers University and graduated with a BA in Biology and joined the New York University and graduated with Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. He has remained an influential figure in the research on sleep apnea.

Maggie Gill and Her Loyalty to Memorial Health

In the medical, it can be rare to find an executive that is geniune, loyal, and caring from the heart like Maggie Gill. Even though Maggie Gill is not a medical professional, she runs Memorial University Medical Center like she treats the patients herself. Her caring demeanor makes her an asset to the hospital and her determination is what makes the hospital a financial success. Maggie Gill leads her staff with grace and tenacity. She a trusted resource, if her staff needs anything. Under her leadership, Memorial University Medical Center has received numerous awards for the way they care and treat their patients.

Maggie Gill became the President and Chief Executive Officer of Memorial Health in 2011. Memorial Health is located in Savannah, Georgia. Prior to being the Chief Executive Officer and President, Maggie Gill was the Vice President of Managed Care and Finance Memorial Health and the Chief Operating Officer of Memorial Health. Before she worked at Memorial Health, she was the Chief Financial Officer at Tenet South Florida Health. While at Tenet South Florida Health, she received the Tenet Outstanding Chief Financial Officer award. Maggie Gill graduated with honors from South Florida University with her Bachelor’s and received her Master’s from St. Leo University.

Recently, under Maggie Gill’s leadership, Memorial University Medical Center won several awards at the 16th Annual Health Care Heroes Awards. They won seven awards. The Georgia Medical Society hosts the awards every year.

Becker’s Hospital Review honored Maggie Gill by naming her one of the 135 Nonprofit Hospital and Health System CEOs to know. She is among a talented group of executives who lead with great experience and a caring attitude that exudes in and out of the workplace. Everyone at Memorial Health are aware of the hard work of Maggie Gill. They appreciate her dedication and her loyalty to the hospital and the patients.