Thor Halvorssen’s Enthusiasm in fighting Oppression

Thor Halvorssen comes from the lineage of human right activists that recognizes that there should be freedom above all type of discussions. His father was arrested and tortured in the Caracas prison because of exposing the government corruption when he was working a drug informant. Halvorssen’s mother was shot while taking part in anti-Higo Chavez demonstration. Halvorssen doesn’t spend his time acting like a stereotypical activist. Rather he is a people person who is determined to making the world a better place. He is above average do-gooder. Watch Video Here .

Over the years he has come be known for disagreeing with the conservatives and terms himself as a liberal. This has well been illustrated through taking a strong stance against dictators and tyranny. His effort and determination toward fighting dictatorship and tyranny can be illustrated by the fact that he is president of the New York located Human Rights Foundation (HRF) that he started in 2015. Over time he has been a position to get 12 staff members. His team is committed to making it known about the authoritarianism that happens on every part of the world.

Halvorssen started his human right activism at an early age. His first time to be involved in human right welfare was in London in 1989 to illustrate the distress coursed by the South Africa apartheid regime. He chose to start Human Right Foundation after his mother was shot in 2004 during a political protest. This foundation is aimed at fighting for freedom of the political prisoners, enhancing tolerance, as well as democracy in Latin America. The work that is handled by the Foundation is based on the ideas of the International Covenant on the Liberty rights of 1976. Through the efforts of HRF seven political prisoners have been released. Apart from that, it has made the efforts of publishing two books regarding the individual rights as well as the obligations of the state.

In addition, Halvorssen founded the Oslo Freedom forum in which he also serves as the CEO. This is a forum whose main aim is to bring together human right activists. Halvorssen has achieved a lot by helping others enjoy universal freedoms. for more.

Thor Halvorssen: Pakistan Should Punish Rapists

Thor Halvorssen is a well-known film producer and human rights activist who is currently based in New York City. Many people know him as a champion who fights for the rights of the less powerful individuals in the world. Halvorssen became an activist in the year 1989. His first activity was organizing an event to oppose the harsh apartheid system that was taking place in South Africa.

Thor and his family have endured a lot of problems in the past, and this is one of the reasons he became a human rights activist. His father spent a lot of time in a Venezuelan Jail, and this motivated him to become a full-time activist. The successful lawyer is the president and founder of the famous Human Rights Foundation, an organization that is also based in the United States. Thor started the influential group after his mother was shot during a peaceful protest. The organization has done very well under his leadership, liberating many people in the world and promoting human rights democracy. Watch Video .

Just recently, Thor and his team liberated a woman in Pakistan. According to the lawyer, Mukhtar Mai was raped several years ago by a group of men. The act had shocked many people around the globe, and this is why the activists decided to take action. The rape was not considered to be an offense by the laws practiced in the country. The action is authorized by the village councils operating in the country. The lawyer says that rape in Pakistan is the punishment given to girls and women. When these group of people dishonors their families or communities, this is always the standard penalty. Visit

Mukhtar Mai, the woman who was raped, decided to speak up and refuse this strict culture in Pakistan. The delicate and soft-spoken woman did not commit suicide like most of the rape victims in Pakistan. She chose to change the tradition in the community by starting a campaign that discouraged the horrific and strange crime carried out by the men in Pakistan. Thor Halvorssen and his team of activists decided to help Mukhtar and other women in the country by pressuring the Pakistan government to punish the men involved in the rape cases.

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