About Cotemar Mexico

The History of Cotemar and Its Contribution to Mexico’s Economy

Cotemar is not your average marine support company. This company invests heavily inensuring that the oil and gas drilling industry has what they need for them to go about their jobs successfully. Other that boosting the Brazilian economy by ensuring that everything in oil and gas drilling goes smooth, they are big on creating employment. They are known to collaborate with universities and colleges from different parts of Mexico, offering them internship opportunities. By so doing, they give them the experience they need to easily land jobs within various industries.

Some of the jobs available at Cotemar Mexico include catering, engineering, IT, cleaning and design. They empower the elderly to support themselves by offering jobs after a series of training. You will find people without a formal education carrying out casual jobs at their sites. But these doesn’t mean that they have not been thoroughly trained on every aspect of their jobs, including safety. Besides, they always work under supervision. If you would like to know more about the job opportunities available at this company, you can follow them on LinkedIn.

A Brief History of Cotemar

Cotemar opened its doors in the year 1979. When the company was founded, it did not have such a wide spectrum of services. They only offered accommodation and catering services. A few months later, they acquired their first specialized vessel which would transport personnel and light materials. It would also offer maintenance services.

A decade later the company was doing great and they had added more specialized vessels. Also, they had acquired their very first rig. The rig would offer accommodation and food services to the energy industry personnel. By the end of the decade, Cotemar had 5 rigs and simultaneously operated three specialized vessels.

The year 2012 was a big year for this company. This is when they ordered the construction of three semisubmersible rigs through COSCO. They also brought in specialized cranes and added vessels to help in the transportation of liquids and solids. The two semisubmersible rigs arrived in the year 2015. This rigs would be used for modernization, engineering, construction and maintenance work that is carried out by SIPSA.

Today, the company continues to expand in market-share technology, service portfolio and assets earned. Through its three subsidiaries, Apoyo Logistico Marino, Cocinas del Mar and Sipsa, the sky is not the limit for them.