What Your Email Server Says About Your Online Reputation

Your online reputation follows you across a number of venues in cyberspace. While you may think that your choice of personal email serving, or heaven forbid, your business-associated account don’t really matter. Well, if you happened to be one of the billions of Internet users caught up in any one of the many issues that have befallen Yahoo, you should think otherwise.

Business owners never know when, or in what perspective existing and potential new customers may see them. The email address you use for your business says a great deal about your commitment level to your business, but so does your personal email provider. Most businesses have some type of website to market their interests.

Hopefully, you will use at least one of the available email options as your primary connection with your business interests. If not, you immediately send up red flags to individuals who have even a basic understanding of business email. When you set up your online business correspondence through a generic free email service, you appear to others to either not care, or are very naïve about privacy concerns.

As suggested by onlinereputationreviews.com, to build a positive online reputation, you should use the tools available, or at a minimum secure your email contacts by using a reputable provider. Yahoo Mail would not be included in a list of reputable email providers. Using Yahoo Mail at any level casts a dark shadow over your computer competency and likewise your online reputation.

If friends and potential business contacts see you use an email provider that is wrought with security issues, they may very well question your own level of Internet competency. Exposing your email contacts to potentially privacy invasive attacks, shows you may have a somewhat less than genuine concern for security. Anyone who aspires to have a business presence on the Internet needs to be aware of good online reputation management, especially the use email.

Using an email provider that has a poor reputation, even if it’s only for personal use, will label you with bad reputation as well. Selecting the right type of email for your business correspondence is essential for online reputation management. Picking one that is known for making monumental blunders, like Yahoo Mail, is not a good choice.