How Securus Technologies Caught a Corrupt Employee

I work in one of the toughest jails in the country. If I were to let down my guard for just a second, the inmates would take advantage in the blink of an eye. To keep the peace in the jail, we have several resources at our disposal to stay just a head of the actions of the inmates.


To complicate issues, the gang population on our jail is growing, and the soldiers of these gangs will do anything to impress the high-level members. If the order comes in to hurt an inmate or an officer, a low-level gang-banger will think nothing of adding more time to their sentence for the sake of their brothers. This is a dangerous situation for anyone, including inmates, visitors, and officers.


We try a few different approaches to keep things safe, and one is keeping drugs and weapons out of the jail. Each day we carefully inspect any visitor that comes into the jail, but even then our efforts are thwarted as these inmates have developed some clever ways to get what they need.


I used to monitor the old inmate communication system before Securus Technologies installed their latest system. I was excited when trained on the LBS software because it was going to allow us to hear the conversations of the inmates in a whole new way. It was around this time that we heard chatter about how the gang leaders were getting drugs and weapons into the jail. They had bribed a fellow corrections officer who just started working with us, and the lure of all that cash was too tempting.


This officer was allowing visitors to get to the inmates unchecked, putting the entire jail in grave danger. Thanks to the LBS software, we removed this corrupt staff member and have been able to tighten up our facility.