Demystifying Zero Emission Aviation: Octopus Hydrogen to Supply Green Hydrogen

October 1, 2021 0 Comments

Octopus Hydrogen is a company that’s at the forefront of hydrogen technology, and its mission is to supply green hydrogen to Zero Emission Aviation pioneers such as ZeroAvia. With an innovative approach, Octopus Hydrogen has made it possible for the aviation industry and other industries to adopt zero emission technologies while also solving some global challenges in energy production and consumption (Facebook).


Zero emission aviation is an environmental strategy that involves developing aircraft and propulsion systems that produce no greenhouse gas emissions. Although, currently, it’s impossible to achieve zero emission in the aviation industry, behold hydrogen! 




Some companies are researching Hydrogen & Fuel Cell technologies as a solution for zero emission aviation and other industries. Octopus Hydrogen has developed a revolutionary method to produce green hydrogen using water electrolysis powered by renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power and has partnered with ZeroAvia aviation company. Octopus Hydrogen believes that zero emission in aviation could be achieved much sooner than later by today’s available green hydrogen. Green hydrogen for zero emission aviation would need to be produced from renewable sources such as solar electricity, wind electricity, and water electrolysis.


Octopus Hydrogen is now supplying green hydrogen to ZeroAvia aviation company using electric vans that are powered by solar batteries and electrolysis cells filled with green hydrogen produced from renewable energy sources, a simple, sustainable, and efficient process to produce green hydrogen. Zero emission aviation is a global challenge with benefits for the world. Octopus Hydrogen has played an essential part in supplying green energy needed by Zero Emission Aviation pioneers such as ZeroAvia, who is also at the forefront of development in this field of zero emission energy. Octopus Hydrogen aims to become key partners in the research and innovation that enables businesses to move from traditional fossil fuel sources into hydrogen production through electrolysis powered by renewable energy sources.


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