Desiree Perez Strategies to host made in America amidst COVID-19

September 15, 2021 0 Comments

Desiree Perez is dedicated to making the made in America event successful. She has come up with strategies to ensure all participants will not be exposed to the dangers of COVID-19 infection. Several measures have been taken to lower the risk of contracting COVID-19. For instance, all participants are required to take the COVID test before they can be allowed to enter. They have even made it clear that those who will fail to take the tests will be offered a refund of their money. Some of the strategies they have taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19 during the event are: Proof of vaccination before entering the venue

All those interested in and made in America are required to be vaccinated before they can enter the venue. It is a move aimed at avoiding incidents where the event can be a super spreader of the infections. People are required to get the vaccination to stay protected. The event organizers have gone further to make it a requirement to support measures to deal with the infections.

All participants to wear masks

Desiree Perez has also requested all participants to wear masks. The masks are part of the measures that experts recommend can reduce the spread of COVID-19. They decided to introduce their measure so that people can feel comfortable when at the event. To the organizers, it will be bad for people to enter the event and end up being infected.

Avail testing centers at the gate

To ensure all people who enter are safe, they will arrange to have testing centers near the entrance. The rapid testing centers aim to make it easy for all people to benefit from the event. There is also a need to take COVID-19 tests 48 hours before arriving as one of the requirements. The measures put by Desiree Perez and her team aim at making the event safe for all people.

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