Desiree Perez The Change Maker

November 6, 2021 0 Comments

The success of Roc Nation can be attributed to their able chief executive officer Desiree Perez who displays excellent dedication and commitment to the firm. From an early age, the life of Perez sharpened her leadership skills which she has been using to bring change all over the world. At the early stages of her career, Desiree Perez exercised her exceptional capabilities in leadership and management in nightclubs which she restored to stable financial positions.

One of the stunning attributes of Desiree Perez is her ability to pay attention to details, whereby she can trace every movement of money in the firm. This is a skill she developed while working at the nightclub where she could monitor all the cash inflows and outflows. Besides this, Perez has an open mind that allows her to think differently from other people and, therefore, develop long-lasting solutions. During the pandemic, Perez was able to rise to the occasion and help the Roc nation continue with its operations by formulating new strategies to deal with the firm’s challenges.

After assuming her new role as the chief executive officer of Roc, Perez is tasked with the responsibility of formulating strategies for the firm and overseeing new projects that the company will be undertaking.

Part of the Vision of the Roc Nation is achieving social justice globally, a goal that is held early by every staff of the Roc Nation. Similarly Perez Believes in the role that social justice plays and has been supporting the various activities that the firm undertakes to achieve social justice in the world, such as fighting for the rights of the victims of police brutality.

Roc Nation is yet to see brighter days with Perez, who has excellent plans that will empower many people worldwide. The youths will benefit from the leadership of Perez. She plans to sharpen their talent by directing large sums of money to the development of the Roc nation sports Centre. Indeed, Perez is an agent of change and leader that the world desires to have positive change. Desiree Perez’s: Twitter.