Eric Pulier & His Affect on Mainsream Society

Mainstream society is cosmopolitan (in-a-sense) as it is transcends borders across the globe. Unfortunatly mainstream society seem to focus on individuals that makes no impact on the progression of man-kind. Many people have done some great things throughout the years, but these people aren’t really household names. Eric Pulier is one individual who has made a huge impact in many different fields of work whether it’s education, healthcare, technology, or innovation in-general. Pulier developed one of the first social media networks for children who are chronically ill. The platform gave these kids a chance to communicate by means of chat, message, and blog. Starbright World is truly revolutionizing the game from it’s philanthropic efforts.

Eric Pulier is a well accomplished person with a long resume of success. His hands seem to be in just about any and everything. Having such a burning desire for technology and innovation, he has donated a raised millions of dollars to charities, capital ventures, as well as start-up companies. Being such business minded, he Has founded up to fifteen companies such as Starbright World, U.S. Interactive, Service Mesh Inc, FLY, EXPRIZE, and Akana Software. There just isn’t too many more people that has done so much in such a small amount of time. Pulier was chosen to construct a platform for Bill Clinton’s second inauguration known as “Bridge To the 21st Century.” This multiple day vent was broadcasted live on many popular news channels. He also introduced a live-feed of the astronauts in space which was unheard of at the time. This innovation allowed for real-time interactions. People Doing things (PDT) was one of Pulier’s first founded companies of his professional career. It used innovative technology to solve certain issues within the healthcare and education systems.

This self made man has pushed the boundaries to such great depth all while remaining humble. Pulier’s brilliant way of thinking is far from the ordinary as the projects are being used on a daily basis which helps better man-kind in the present as well as the future.

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