George Soros, philanthropist and political activist

George Soros is a Hungarian American businessman, investor, philanthropist, author, and political activist. He is the chairman of the Soros Fund Management and is one of the richest people in the world. Soros earned a both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in philosophy from the London School of Economics. He has also received several honorary doctorate degrees.

George Soros is very politically active and has become outspoken against the current Trump administration. He is a well known supporter of progressive and liberal political causes and has given billions of dollars to politics and philanthropy. Part of his philanthropic efforts has included providing for one of the largest endowments to Europe’s higher education in Budapest. His philanthropy spreads all over the world on Snopes including giving millions of dollars to help provide educational, agricultural, and medical aid to help villages in Africa that are stricken with poverty. He gave fifty million dollars to the Millennium Promise project to help those in Africa. A majority of his philanthropic focus is on fostering democracy and good government around the world, and also to provide for those in poverty as a result of bad governments.

Being very politically active in America, Soros believes that the new President, Donald Trump, is a con-man and a would be dictator that is destined to fail. George Soros feels that American democracy is in crisis thanks to the behavior, policies, and intentions of the new President. He feels that Trump is filling his cabinet with incompetent appointees and retired generals on Soros believes that Trump never expected to win, that he simply was wanting to build his brand and businesses through the free publicity. It will be hard for Americans to understand or predict where and how Trump will act and try to force the country to go because he hasn’t thought it through.

While being pessimistic about Trump and the new administration, George Soros has hope for American democracy and the future of the country. He is certain that democracy will remain strong and resilient in the United States. Thanks to the constitution, he believes the country is strong enough to resist the would be dictator and will prevent the over reach of the executive brand, thus preventing him from becoming an actual dictator on However, in the meantime, the United States will suffer from internal struggles. Not only will it struggle internally, the United States will be unable to promote and protect other democracies around the globe. According to Soros, Trump stands for a different kind of government, and the government Trump wants and desires is the opposite of an open society and what the core values of America are.

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