George Soros Returns To the U.S. Presidential Election Scene in A Major Way

In July 2016, the hedge fund legend and major political donor George Soros was about to attend his first ever Democratic National Convention as the guest of Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton when he decided the most important thing on his agenda was to monitor the refugee crisis in the European Union. This story from Politico is a good example of how George Soros lives his life, not for the well-known Democrat is it important to obtain personal glories, but instead the needs of the neediest in the world always feature highly on his to do list; Soros may have backed the U.S. Presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton to the tune of around $25 million, but the thoughts of the man who broke the Bank of England in 1992 remain rooted in the problems of those who do not have access to their own basic human rights.

George Soros has built an impressive personal fortune of over $25 billion that has been based on the skills of the Hungarian born financial expert to predict political and social events occurring around the world; according to Forbes. The impressive business expert differs from many on Wall Street as he has led a life that sounds as though it was lifted directly from the pages of a book. Born in 1930, George Soros and his Jewish family were forced into hiding when Nazi German forces occupied the country and forced the patriarch of the family to used forged papers to keep his family alive as more than 500,000 Jewish community members in Hungary were slaughtered during the Holocaust; following the conclusion of World War II, George Soros found himself living under Communist rule in Hungary and set out as a refugee to study at the London School of Economics. Read this story at about George Soros.

Although he established his Open Society Foundations global network of charitable groups in the 1980s, George Soros has become best known for his major political giving in the U.S. Soros made his political name during the 2004 election campaign with a $27 million investment made in the campaign of Democrat John Kerry in his losing battle to defeat incumbent President George W. Bush; the loss of the 2004 election led directly to the establishment of the George Soros backed Democracy Alliance that seeks to develop new ways of bringing liberal candidates to office in the U.S. In recent months, George Soros and his fellow major Democrat donors have become the fiercest critics of incoming President Donald Trump and have vowed to do everything in their power to battle the attempts of Republicans to destroy the legacy of President Barrack Obama.

Read more about George at The New York Times.

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