Haroldo Jacobovicz; The Generous CEO

October 26, 2021 0 Comments

Haroldo Jacobovicz, a Brazilian investor, entrepreneur, and civil engineer, has been working in the technology sector in Curitiba for over thirty years. Haroldo is well known for giving back to society nature. He has plans to donate around 250 reais to fund animal protection organizations, nursing homes, assistance to the disabled, and daycare centers, among other institutions.

Haroldocreated the Haroldo Jacobovicz institute (IHJ) upon turning 60 as a future philanthropic action. According to Haroldo, he will be the CEO of IHJ, and his wife will take the role of vice president. His daughters, on the other hand, will take up tasks related to legal and administrative issues. IHJ will have funds and a team allocated to do deal with social problems.

Haroldo’s History and Acts of Generosity

Haroldo’s philanthropic nature is a legacy from way back passed from one generation to the other. He says that he learned early in life that, to achieve individual success, it is essential to contribute to the common well-being. Haroldo’s family aims at building long-lasting relationships with any institution they support, and IHJ primarily prioritizes being a dependable partner for an extended period.

The institution gives out donations and also organizes and funds fun activities on specific holidays which have been somehow interfered with by the pandemic. IHJ has a goal of structuring and implementing an annual calendar following the guidelines of the Ministry of Health to maintain social distance and observe hygiene.

Haroldo Jacobovicz Companies In Relation to his Generosity

Horizons Telecom and e-Govern group are two companies that Haroldo Jacobovicz is directly involved with, and they are all also about charity works and caring for others. They value people and promote autonomy to make a difference in society by respecting diversity and social development. The companies also create a good working environment for all their employees and offer transportation, off days, and health insurance covers. Being a civil engineer, Haroldo hopes to solve everyday problems and improve people’s lives through technology. He is currently involved in a new digital company that is not known yet but is believed to have the ability to foster social inclusion and equal opportunities in employment and education. Haroldo Jacobovicz’s: Facebook Page.