John Ritenour Explains the Benefits of a Good Working Environment

July 20, 2021 0 Comments

John Ritenour is a big advocate of empowering employees. For this reason, his insurance company Insurance Office of America, is one of the most sought-after brokerages by agents. At the Insurance Office of America, everyone is a business leader, and the top leadership acts as just a moderator. From the time he started as an entrepreneur, his dedication has always been towards giving employees a chance to shine. There is something about conducive work environments that every business needs to learn. Insurance Office of America is one of the businesses which show those in the insurance business the effects of giving power to the employees.

There is so much that a business can gain from employee empowerment than micro-management. First, empowering employees and building a business model like the Insurance Office of America that has paid attention to employee needs leads to employee retention. John Ritenour has had a chance to have employees loyal to the company; as a result, such employees have worked long with the company. Secondly, John Ritenour states that contrary to what insurance brokerages think, employee empowerment increases company earnings. The majority of people believe that when they allow their employees to be in charge of what they earn, they do not make much profit. Insurance Office of America is an example of the fact that the more an employee earns, the more the company earns.

A good business environment is a chance for employees to explore their creative side. John’s opinion on the impact of such an environment on creativity has been backed up by research conducted by a clinical psychologist based at the Harvard Business School. Hostile business environments are not motivating and don’t provide a conducive environment for employees to be innovative. Another remarkable thing about building a business model that includes employees, just like the Insurance Office of America, is that a good reputation is the greatest marketing strategy. Employees who are treated right will often pass a good word around for their employer.

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