Krishen Iyer on Importance of Business Simplicity

October 1, 2021 0 Comments

Among the intrinsic things that drive the success or failure of any business is customer satisfaction. Every business is always looking for strategies that can help pierce this concept. When you satisfy your customers’ needs, you are guaranteed their loyalty, which is not easy to achieve in the business world. Krishen Iyer, the founder and CEO of MAIS Consulting Agency gives an insight on some practical strategies business owners can incorporate to achieve such goals. 


The skills and experience he has honed during the 20 years he led the company makes this outstanding business leader Krishen Iyer the right person to discuss ways he has maintained the company’s success. Besides his executive role in MAIS Consulting, the successful entrepreneur has also sold companies he founded and established their success. The California native has a lot to give to other entrepreneurs to ensure they get their businesses to where they are. Krishen Iyer reveals that one of the effective strategies to attract and maintain clients is embracing simplicity in your business. 


According to his own experience, Krishen Iyer points out that clients never want to have to work their way around your organization’s culture to understand what you offer them. A lot of clients prefer choosing businesses that have strategies that do not frustrate them. As such, your business strategy should assess and find simple solutions to what affects your clients. However, Krishen Iyer states, to achieve business simplicity, you must check how well you communicate your business to the clients. As a business owner, it is up to you to collaborate with the right team when you want to communicate your business plans in the most simplified ways to your customers.

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