Liu Qiandong Succeeds By Forecasting Market Changes

July 22, 2021 0 Comments

Having the drive and passion to succeed is a common characteristic among the world’s most successful businesses and entrepreneurs. Having the flexibility and foresight to change with the times is another vital component to prospering in the business world. By doing so, your company can withstand the currents of market shifts. A good example of this is Liu Qiangdong. As the Founder and CEO of, he has experienced massive success through several industry changes. His company, JingDong, is China’s leading retail option; and is one of the most successful companies in the world.

liu qiangdong

Liu Qiangdong is a native of China, he was born to parents who worked in the coal industry. As a child, Liu’s parents stressed the importance of education to him. While taking college courses at The People’s University Of China, The future CEO studied sociology. During the process of completing his university curriculum,, Qiangdong began studying computer coding in his spare time. This inspired his pursuit to study the field extensively. Upon graduating and accepting a position to work for a supplement company, he earned his way to Director of Computer of Service. The experience he garnered at Japan Life gave him insight to the world of e-commerce and retail.

Renting a storefront located in the technology region of China is where Liu began building his business. This first phase of his company focused on the selling of technology products and other optical-based goods. Within a few years, his efforts paid off and he now had more than 12 stores. When his country was introduced to the SARS crisis, Liu Qiangdong saw an opportunity to restructure his company. Choosing to become e-commerce-based would be a prosperous decision choice. As of 2020, the services of JD reaches more than 1 billion consumers. This was made possible by the Founder’s ability to forecast industry changes.

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