OSI Group The Leading Service Provider In Fast Foods Business

America has some food companies, but OSI Group has been very outstanding in service delivery. OSI has presence all over the world, but its most active outlets are in Asia, US, and Europe.

The firm majors in selling vegetable foods and dough-based foods, poultry, fish and Bacon and beef patties. OSI was founded in 1909, and its head offices are in Aura Illinois. The company has grown immensely, and it has been ranked by Forbes at position 58 of America’s best-performing companies. The company operations are conducted in 65 major plants situated in 15 countries in Asia, Europe, North America, and the US.

To widen service delivery to more clients, the firm has bought three leading food processing businesses. This will help the company to apply the latest trends in the food industry. Among the companies that OSI Group has acquired are Baho foods a Dutch company and Tyson Foods based in Chicago. The companies are bringing experts who have knowledge in running successful enterprises in the food industry.

Baho Foods and Tyson Foods executives will join the OSI group management team, and this will strengthen the company’s leadership. Baho has also acquired Flagship Europe one of the best firms in the poultry industry. This acquisition will enable OSI to improve delivery of services to clients all over the world.

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