Raj Fernando, A Brilliant Mind With A Human Heart

Chopper Trading company made history on how it treats its employees, and how it conducts its recruitments. The Former CEO, Raj Fernando, created a culture that made employees very lively while at work, and after work. Fernando had ensured that employees had a strong bond that brought them together despite the demanding tasks that they do during the business hours.

According to an article published on 1st April 2011 on smart business, employees at Chopper Trading have one of the best working environments.

Fernando offered tickets to his employees in case they wished to go out and cheer their favorite teams in the NBA. He ensured that every employee felt appreciated and valued as part of the team. The article quotes Raj Fernando saying that he would rather go for an employee who would make others laugh than the one who would make the company more money.

Raj Fernando believes in motivated and energized staff. When employees have good relationships at the workplace, they would have high engagement. Every company would wish to have highly engaged employees as this is the surest way to increase productivity.

Learn more about Raj Fernando: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/raj-fernando

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