The contributions of Keith Mann to the uncommon Schools of New York

The uncommon schools of New York had an unexpected boost earlier this year when one of the most renowned business leaders and entrepreneurs decided to help them in their fundraising efforts. The goal of the fundraiser is to help them get the material they need to equip their school so they can compete equally with the schools of the affluent. The funds are specifically supposed to help a school that was opened by the charter institution. The fundraiser was a huge success because more than 20,000 dollars was raised for the initiative.

The people that decided to create the uncommon schools had done some research and realized that there was a great gap between the achievements that are made by the lower class citizens and those made by the affluent. They decided to set up a school system that would give the less fortunate a chance to make it in life. The schools have been doing great, and are even planning to open a new school in Brooklyn at the start of the next academic year. When asked about his participation in the project, he stated that he was passionate about seeing students from poor backgrounds make it to higher learning institutions. Before the fundraiser, Keith Mann had donated a sum of $10,000 to make sure that the preliminary needs of the school were being met.

Keith is the CEO at dynamic search partners. His organization has been supporting the uncommon schools for three years.  So far, the initiative has scored successes that Keith is very proud of because the students are starting to treat the prospect of going to college with enthusiasm.

About Keith Mann

He noticed that there was a disparity between the hedge funds and the search community and decided to try and close the gap. Mann started Dynamic Search Partners in 2009, hoping that it would handle alternative investments and it has succeeded in many locations across the globe.

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