Vincent Parascandola’s Excellent Knowledge of Finance

AXA Advisors is a top firm that has majored in offering financial and insurance services. It is dedicated to ensuring that all its clients accomplish their financial objectives. AXA Group is a France-based enterprise that operates internationally and is regarded as the leading provider of insurance services. The firm has been growing at an average rate of 14 percent for the past eight years. AXA was established in 1859. Since then, it has acquired various companies and created mergers with others so as to boost its international growth.


AXA Advisors has a goal of assisting its customers to attain financial independence when they retire. It offers them a broad range of products and services that address the varying needs of the clients. The company is served by several agents who are based in different parts of the globe, and this has allowed it to access a wide market.


The senior executive president of the company is known as Vincent Parascandoa. He is an experienced finance professional, and his leading roles at the firm include recruiting, sales, bettering the business’s management, sales, retention, and improving the skills of new and skilled financial professionals. Mr. Parascandola has been serving in the sector since 1987. His first employer was Prudent, which hire him to act as an agent. He offered excellent service to the firm and was designated as the National Rookie of the Year. Vincent was later given a position at MONY Life Insurance Company in 1990. He served local and regional offices of the firm. In 2004, Parascandola was hired by AXA Advisors. His first role was to co-manage its New York Metro branch, and he was later promoted to serve as The Advantage Group’s CEO.


Vincent Parascandola is highly respected for his leadership skills. He has won various awards, which include the Career Development and Master Agency Award. The two prices are sponsored by GAMA. Parascandola is a sought-after public speaker and has been invited to various events to offer speeches. He once served the Florida Chapter as its president. Vincent is a graduate of the New York-based Pace University where he studied science.

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