Eugene Plotkin Shares His Views On The Conflict Between Russia And Ukraine

July 16, 2022 0 Comments

Since February 2022, Russia and Ukraine have been in conflict after Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, announced a military operation in Ukraine. This was after years of continued conflict between pro-Russian separatists occupying the Donbas region and Ukrainian nationalists.

According to Russia, its goals were to protect the independence of pro-Russian separatists in Donbas and prevent Ukraine from entering into NATO. However, Ukraine considers Russia’s actions as an act of war.

Ukraine has been receiving military and humanitarian aid from the United States and the European Union. Particularly, the United States has played a key role in providing crucial information to the Ukrainian government. However, the Ukrainian military continues to be worn down by Russia in the eastern region of the country.

Born in the former Soviet Union, Eugene Plotkin is a financial consultant and a fintech startup CEO. He went to school at Harvard, and currently resides in New York City. Plotkin believes that Russia and Ukraine, as well as the whole world, should try their best to find a solution to end the ongoing conflict.

According to Plotkin, both sides have exacerbated the problem through their respective propagandas, adding fuel to the already deep-seated emotion. The fall of peace talks in the first weeks of the conflict also contributed significantly to the rise of conflict.

Eugene Plotkin notes the superiority that Russia holds against Ukraine, especially from a strategic, economic, and military standpoint. Since most of the conflict is happening within Ukraine’s borders, Plotkin believes that the country is losing soldiers and equipment, as well as its economy and infrastructure being destroyed.

As such, Ukraine is left with no option but to rely on aid from Western allies. Plotkin also appreciates the urge for Ukraine to protect its sovereignty by not simply agreeing to Russia’s terms. However, he also suggests that the Donbas region is mostly occupied by pro-Russians and ethnic Russians, therefore, they have a different orientation from the rest of Ukrainians.

Analyzing from an economic standpoint, Eugene Plotkin believes Ukraine is risking a lot by going into conflict with Russia. It is evident that Russia has better protection for its supply lines, air superiority, easier maneuverability, greater resources, and a larger military.

The delay of peace talks by Ukraine only puts the country at risk of losing more infrastructure, territory, and most importantly, able-bodied people. Plotkin believes that there should be more motivation of entering into peace agreements since most conflicts in history usually end in that manner.

As the conflict continues, both sides are more likely to suffer with the chance for compromise becoming hard. When this happens, Plotkin suggests that the war will only intensify as both sides try to fight to the last blood.

Eugene Plotkin believes that the European Union should put more effort in pushing for peace talks. Both sides have people with similar geographic roots, languages, cuisines, cultures, and a shared history. Russia and Ukraine should put aside their egocentric concerns and focus on finding a compromise that everyone can agree to.

Eugen Plotkin was born in the former Soviet Union and studied at Harvard to become a well-versed technology, business, and finance professional. Having invested in banking for many years, Plotkin has been able to be a key player in fintech through his startup TechWallet.

TechWallet employs cutting edge technologies that provide people with the financial literacy that they need. This helps individuals in their pursuit of greater financial triumph.