Richard Liu

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Richard Liu Qiangdong, the CEO of the Chinese restaurant chain, Dalian Wanda Group, has been called a “Superman on Wheels” in China for his speed and success. Liu Qiangdong is now worth an estimated $10 billion. As self-made president of Wanda Group, Richard is expected to increase his company’s revenue by 66% in 2017.

Achievements of Richard Liu

Mr. Richard Liu Qiangdong, who is currently a visiting professor at Harvard Business School, was recognized as one of “The 20 Most Powerful Asian-Born Leaders on Earth”, according to Forbes magazine (2017). He graduated from Fudan University with a degree in economics and international trade before getting his MBA from Columbia University and Harvard Business School.

With a Net Worth of $10.1 Billion, Mr. Richard Liu is considered one of the wealthiest men in China and is typically nicknamed “Superman on Wheels.” In 1995, he launched a company that would expand into entertainment, sports, and real estate. The company recently opened its New York-based division and has already made incredible profits by operating Wanda Cinemas, a chain of movie theaters in China.

Mr. Richard’s current ownership interest in the Contemporary Art Foundation makes him one of the most prominent art collectors in China from an expanding worldwide collection, including works from Andy Warhol to Jeff Koons; 90% of his collection hails from Chinese artists (ArtNews, 2017). Liu Qiangdong received international acclaim when Lanzhou Contemporary Art Museum (LCAM) was established in October. He pledged, personally, 10 million Yuan to have the museum built. The gallery was opened just a few months later in November due to Liu’s effort as an individual donor.

On May 24th, 2017, Qiangdong received an honorable mention at the 2017 Hang Shih award for lifetime contribution to business and was one of the youngest Chinese individuals who have been awarded this honor so far this year.

As one of the wealthiest people in business in China, Mr. Richard Liu is well known for his passion for collecting ancient art and pieces of art from China. He is one of the youngest Chinese individuals to have privately owned an Art Gallery in London; his collection includes both ancient pieces as well as contemporary works.

Mr. Richard Liu has also significantly impacted the film industry after he incorporated Wa0da Cinemas, now one of the largest cinema chains in China. On top of this, Mr. Richard has acquired various famous movie studio companies, such as Legendary Pictures and AMC (Weng, 2017). Visit this page for more information.


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